Veritas Catholic School

Knowing Veritas Catholic School


The Cross

The CROSS in the background expresses the school’s affiliation with the Catholic Church and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ when He died for mankind on the cross. It is this sacrifice that spurs the school’s unwavering service to the last, the least, and lost in the community.

The Host and Chalice

The HOST and CHALICE in the foreground represent the essence of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, as it brings renewal of faith in the passion, suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Veritas community.

The Globe

Within the host is part of the map of the world which symbolizes the GLOBAL nature of Veritas, in solidarity with the world’s challenges and opportunities. At the center of the map is the Philippines, emphasizing the school’s staunch support and love for country.

The Rays of the Sun

The RAYS OF THE SUN represent hope, progress, life, and positivity. At its center is the symbol for CONNECTIVITY, representing the school’s pioneering and continuing work in digital learning.

Our Motto

The banner at the bottom bears the school’s MOTTO.

The MOTTO of Veritas Catholic School: 


Jesus Christ is the source of all TRUTH, for in His teachings and by His living example, He has imparted to the world the will of His Father, and entrusted His saving message to His disciples. Jesus Christ, the greatest of all teachers, calls all Veritans to be His disciples, diligently studying the lessons of this world, and the eternal world which He has prepared for us.


Veritas Catholic School believes that WORSHIP, STEWARDSHIP, and the WORD OF GOD – our responsibilities in the Catholic faith, and parish-linked formation – integrated with academic excellence and social responsibility, are central to the formation of truth-bearing and proactive individuals.

Vision Statement

Veritas Catholic School envisions itself as a Catholic K-12 school integrated into the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish, composed of Christ-like individuals who are dynamic bearers of truth and advocates of social transformation and pioneers of digital learning.

Mission Statement

It is the school’s mission to provide a learning hub where all individuals are:

  • Yearning to be like Christ
  • Opening their arms to the poor
  • Utilizing digital learning opportunities
  • Nurtured in a caring environment and nurturing the environment
  • Global, yet Local


  1. Embrace  Catholic Faith and formation  that adhere to the  principles  of Catholic teaching celebrating the Gospel  values , which  are a reflection of Christ’s Truth.
  2. Observe exemplary conduct and behavior possess in everyday  practice and  in every occasion.
  3. Be proficient in    communication   , critical thinking , creativity , collaboration  skills adhering to the 21st Century learners and teachers.
  4. Promote understanding and applications  of Social Sciences , Arts and technology and culture of research .
  5. Show  commitment  to parish /community service , sustainable development and global citizenship

Our Core Values

This academic institution upholds the following:


FAITH IN ACTION: Veritans zealous and passionate about their faith, rooted in the Gospel and love; values prayer, the mass, rosary and expressions of devotion to the Blessed Trinity and Mary, that breathes a genuinely Catholic spirit


UNCONDITIONAL SERVICE AND STEWARDSHIP: Veritans value service infused with the principles of stewardship, Catholic, moral and social teachings to help build a more just and humane society, locally and nationally.


LOVE FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE AND PEACE: Veritans value the truth by being truthful in all their  actions; promoting peace and justice by respecting one’s dignity and creating order and managing conflicts.


LOVE FOR LEARNING: Veritans value and cultivate a love for learning, mastering new skills and bodies of knowledge, to develop their potential called to be faith-inspired collaborators in the heart of the Veritas Christian community.


YOUTH LEADERSHIP: Veritans value peers and respect their  leaders to build individual leadership skills, foster positive group dynamics, and increase civic and community involvement.