Veritas Catholic School

School Facilities

Student life is not limited to academics. VCS provides all students with opportunities to grow, learn, explore, discover, and perform. It also provides a warm, caring atmosphere and industry- standard facilities that meets students’ needs and complements their abilities.

Finance and Accounting Department

All payments are made at the Cashier’s window. All financial transactions and services like photocopying, binding and emergency calls are made in the Business Office during office hours-Mondays to Fridays, 8am-5pm. Parents and visitors are advised to stay in the where friendly office staff will address their concerns.

Management and Information System Office

All software and hardware programs including the installation , maintenance and security of the computer set -ups and digital program platforms are made in the MIS office.

Multimedia & Interactive Classrooms

ALL elementary and high school classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and screens, SMART LED TVs, laptops or PCs, audio players and speakers. Selected classrooms have standby interactive whiteboards. Nearly all lessons are delivered in engaging presentations, creating a dynamic, technology-enhanced learning experience every minute the students are inside their classrooms.

Classrooms  and offices are equipped with dedicated wifi routers that support the school’s Digital Learning Program. Classroom set up is conducive to collaboration and online learning.

Misbehaviors and offense  and safety of the students . The safety and protection of students’ life as well as property is also entrusted to the Security  office.

Audio-Visual Room (AVR)

A 100-seater venue for film-viewing, seminars, small performances, and meetings. The AVR is equipped with state-of-the art audio and video equipment, movable seats and conference tables, and a stage.


Dynamic and updated, library collections support student literacy and provide a venue for bibliophiles to relax and read both classics and contemporary titles. 2000+ published titles from Scholastic Books and other leading publishers are added every school year, excluding educational DVDs and audiobooks.

Computer Laboratory

The CompLab is the venue for Information and Communications Technology (ICT; formerly Computer or Technology Education) blended lessons (delivered partly by qualified teachers and by online educational media and tools). Besides learning about hardware, programming languages and software applications, each student is provided opportunities for individualized ICT training based on his level of readiness and interest. Hardware and software are updated and maintained on a regular basis. 24/7 broadband internet access is moderated by administrators and teachers so only child-friendly and child-safe sites are accessible at any given time.

Science Laboratory

A fully-furnished science laboratory is the venue for students’ hands-on applications of science concepts. Under the supervision of the science teacher and/or laboratory personnel, students conduct experiments and practice their observation and investigative skills.


The school gym is located at the 3rd floor level.It is home to the school’s active varsity teams, and the venue of physical education classes and general assemblies.

Canteen / Food Court

Meals and snacks at reasonable prices are served in the cafe, conveniently located within the school premises. Every student is expected to help keep the canteen clean and sanitary and to observe the standards of behavior.

TLE / Home Economics Lab


Registrar's Office

Guidance , Testing and Research

Prefect of Student

Director's Office

Principal's Office

Safety and Security Office