Veritas Catholic School

Student Services

VCS also provides  services for the Veritan students  in support of their academic growth  leading to holistic development of Veritan learners.

Guidance, & Testing Office

Counselling, the administration of entrance and other tests are given in the Guidance Office. It provides  comprehensive career guidance , Homeroom Peer Guidance and counseling and other appropriate interventions and  enhancement programs.

The office opens from Monday to Friday , 7:30am – 5:00pm

Registrar’s Office

This office provides information on admission requirements,  transfers and graduation, transcript of records, certificates  and diplomas, clearances certifications pertaining to academic records.

The office opens from Monday to Friday , 8:00am – 5:00pm

Student Discipline & Security Offices

An important part of each student’s total Christian development is knowing, understanding, and following school rules and policies. Students who fail to do so  are monitored closely by the Prefect of Students (POS) and the Security Officer , who coordinate with key personnel in determining the causes and effects of certain misbehaviors and offense  and safety and protection of students’ life as well as property.


Dynamic and updated, library collections support student literacy and provide a venue for students  to relax and read both classics and contemporary titles. 2000+ published titles from Scholastic Books and other leading publishers are added every school year, excluding educational DVDs and audiobooks.

Health Services

Medical and Dental clinic is  provided for and is open during class hours from Monday thru Friday and during official school activities. It has adequate medical and dental supply  that meet students’ health emergency and maintenance needs. A full-time Registered School Nurse and regularly visiting physicians and dentist run the clinic, which also provides vital health information campaigns to the entire school community.

Canteen / Food Court

Meals  and snacks are serve  in the school canteen at a  reasonable price. Every student is expected to help in  keeping the canteen clean , sanitize and observe proper  behavior while eating.

The canteen opens from Monday to Friday , 7:00am – 3:30pm

School Transport Service

The school has an official van service that brings  students and teachers to and from venues where inter-school activities (competitions,conferences,etc.) take place. This service is free-of-charge.